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  • 1991

    The history of Ideal Market Service starts Shortly after the “Velvet Revolution”, the business-oriented Ježo family and their business partner from Italy set up Italmarket Slovakia spol. s r.o. with the aim of bringing top quality and tasty food products from selected Italian manufacturers to Slovak customers.

  • 1993

    Own distribution is the basis of success Italmarket Slovakia spol. s r.o. establishes its own distribution network capable of delivering imported products from Italy, France, Austria, Germany and other countries, as well as domestic products, to food service operators, petrol station networks, wholesalers and retailers throughout Slovakia.

  • 1999

    Growth brings change, joint stock company established The limited liability company Italmarket Slovakia spol. s r.o. is transformed into the joint stock company ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. The company starts supplying all retail networks in Slovakia and discovering new possibilities, such as the distribution of rechargeable coupons for prepaid SIM cards from EuroTel and later the distribution of motorway vignettes mainly to petrol stations, border crossings, logistics and transport companies. Acquiring large customers (retail networks) and the decreasing number of competing wholesalers contributes to the significant growth and leading position of ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. on the Slovak market.

  • 2000

    Serving many customers requires increased performance By the end of 2000, ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. has approximately 4,000 active retail customers and 100 active wholesale customers. The Company’s shareholder structure must also be adapted in order to actively manage the business and meet the needs of such a large number of customers. The founders and shareholders of ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s., Mr. Ježo and Mrs. Ježová decide to strengthen the family team and, in 2000, bring in their son Ivan and daughter Martina as new shareholders. This step significantly improves the company’s managerial and operational performance. At the same time, the company becomes independent of its Italian business partner.

  • 2001 - 2002

    Petrol stations and tasty Hungarian brandies ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. builds a strong distribution network among the main brands of petrol stations in Slovakia including OMV, SHELL, SLOVNAFT, CONOCO JET, AGIP and OKTAN. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. signs a contract with ZWACK UNICUM and becomes a contractual distributor of the popular regional brands Vilmos, Unicum and premium Hungarian fruit brandies.

  • 2003

    Diageo exclusively chooses ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s.. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. signs a contract with Diageo World Wide, a world leader in alcoholic beverage production and sales, becoming the exclusive distributor of the world’s leading brands on the Slovak market, including Johnnie Walker, Baileys, Smirnoff, 7 Crown, Captain Morgan and Gordons. In the same year, ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. launches enhanced IT support for its operations, using LAN/WAN solutions for online access between all regional centres, central warehouse and headquarters.

  • 2006

    New large distribution warehouse in Bratislava In order to meet the demand for distribution capacities, ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. builds a large distribution warehouse on Trenčianska Street for the Bratislava regional centre. In the same year, ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. also becomes the exclusive distributor of Sappé Aloe Vera soft drink in Slovakia.

  • 2007

    Quality and professionalism attracts luxury brands ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. signs a contract with the world leader in luxury goods, Louis Vuitton & Moet Hennessy (LVMH), and becomes the exclusive representative for the sale and distribution of popular classic champagne brands – Veuve Clicquot and Krug – in Slovakia.

  • 2008

    Significantly improved coverage of petrol stations ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA and KON-RAD establish the sister company IMKON Distribution, a.s.. IMKON Distribution, a.s. becomes the largest distributor for petrol stations (covering about 80 % of all stations), largely made possible by the opening of our own distribution centre in Zvolen.

  • 2009

    Year of increase in distribution and storage capacity Because of the great demand for export and import services, ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. builds its own new central customs warehouse in Trnava. This is followed by the opening of a new distribution centre in Nové Zámky and Prešov.

  • 2011

    Favourite beer from Thailand is now also available in Slovakia ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. becomes the exclusive distributor of traditional high-quality SINGHA BEER in Slovakia.

  • 2012-2013

    Offering more and more high-quality and popular world brands Due to good references and successful business results, more and more global brands choose ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. as its exclusive distributor in Slovakia.

  • 2014

    World bartenders in Slovakia ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. confirms its qualities and leading position in the field of alcoholic beverages and is given the opportunity to organize the DIAGEO WORLD CLASS bartenders competition in Slovakia for the first time.

  • 2016

    World award for ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. celebrates its 25th anniversary and at the same time receives awards for its long-term quality and professional cooperation with DIAGEO, becoming Distributor of the Year in the EEPM (Eastern European Partner Market).

  • 2017

    Exclusive distribution of San Benedetto and Cedevita ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s., as last year’s winner, becomes the host country of the DIAGEO Distributor of the Year in the EEPM (Eastern European Partner Market) and organizes this spectacular show in Bratislava. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. expands its soft drink portfolio with the popular Italian brand of San Benedetto mineral waters and the vitamin drink Cedevita. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. becomes the main partner of the Uprising festival, which is the largest genre festival of its kind.

  • 2018

    Exclusive distribution of Cocchi. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. acquires the possibility to distribute the premium COCCHI vermouths.

  • 2019

    Always new trends and inspiration. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. and the CAMPARI brand introduce new trends in the cocktail culture in Slovakia. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. launches the CUP HUB project to provide for all customer coffee needs from facilities and bartender training to service and professional consultancy.

  • 2020

    Always ready for new big challenges. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. becomes the exclusive distributor of high-quality FEVER TREE tonics. It also acquires the distribution of premium rums Ron Centenario and Remedy from the German supplier Sierra Madre, as well as Ron Medellin premium rums. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s also obtained product distribution from supplier Lucas Bols. The year 2020 brought about also technological changes. ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. launches its on-line shop – Alkoshop, selling products directly to the final consumer, and its new website – www.italmarket.sk.

  • 2021

    ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a. s. at the beginning of the year became a exclusive distributor of prestigious champagne brand Piper Heidsieck. Despite the negative impact of the Coronavirus on our business, we pulled through and at the end of the year we celebrated the 30th anniversary of our company.

  • 2022

    Finally back in our old tracks. After the Covid-19 pandemic we restarted our old event activations. We participated on the first year of Lovestream Festival and a lot of rum and gin events in collaboration with Cocktail Vibes.

  • 2023

    As a official distributor of DIAGEO we won Luxury Awards at the annual Diageo Conference, for activating Zacapa & World Class Competition in Slovakia. We participated on the first year of Mirror Hospitality Expo 2023, and the second year of Lovestream Festival, the biggest festival in our capital city.

  • 2024

    We became a exclusive distribution of Don Papa, Philippine Island Rums. From the opposite side of our planet, we started importing the premium, Mexican mezcal brand, Ojo de Dios, expanding our wide portfolio of imported spirits.

Our Approach to Customer Satisfaction 

ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. is a reliable partner for importing, distributing, storing and promoting the sale of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wine, coffee, confectionery, snacks and other products via all sales channels, food providers, wholesale and retail networks, supermarket chains and petrol station networks. It has been providing high-quality services and assistance in business development to its many satisfied business partners for over 30 years.

1) Fast and efficient distribution

ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. has its own distribution network with distribution centres in Bratislava, Nové Zámky, Zvolen, Prešov and a central warehouse in Trnava. Our countrywide network of sales representatives and 90 distribution vehicles are able to handle orders within 48 hours and supply goods to customers at least three times a week.

2) Wide range of top quality products

ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. has signed distribution agreements with more than 30 suppliers of popular global brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wine, coffee, confectionery, snacks, and other products.

3) Own customs warehouse

ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. has its own public customs warehouse in Trnava. It offers its business partners services such as import, export, customs clearance, product adaptation, labelling, stamping and distribution.

4) Sales promotion 

ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. (IMS) also wants to offer its business partners Ideal Market Service (IMS), that is, not only to sell and distribute, but also to actively assist in the point of sale at the business premises of our partners. We prepare a proposal for the offer, show and taste the goods, train staff and help with the promotion of goods and customer business.

1. Our distribution network offers suppliers of goods:

  • the possibility of distribution throughout Slovakia,
  • chain store, gastronomy, retail and wholesale coverage,
  • delivery of goods and cooperation in product listing for service station networks through our sister company IMKON Distribution, a.s.,
  • providing regular information on sales and sales division,
  • cooperation in listing products in chain stores,
  • effective use of sales support to cover potential sales outlets,
  • marketing support,
  • managing and evaluating marketing budgets.

2. Own public customs warehouse:

  • warehouse capacity of 2 150 m2,
  • private and public customs warehouse,
  • import of goods, customs warehousing and declaration,
  • adjustment of goods to conditions for sale in the Slovak Republic,
  • adjusts the commercial and consumer packaging of goods for sale on the Slovak market and finalizes consumer packaging of semi-finished product,
  • regular weekly distribution of foreign and domestic goods to individual distribution centres,
  • regular supplies to contracted business networks,
  • employee and part-time worker potential able to manage any amounts of goods.

3. The areal distribution network in Slovakia:

  • a total of 5 distribution centers with a storage area of more than 50,000 m2,
  • more than 90 own cars and trucks,
  • the ability to process orders within 24 hours and supply the customer at least three times a week,
  • capacity for supply needs of all regions of Slovakia.

4. Individual approach to the customer: 

  • a team of sales representatives who regularly order goods from customers,
  •  professional cooperation in the implementation of sales promotion activities,
  • consultation and training of staff at the point of sale of the customer's products,
  • more than 30 years of experience in gastronomy.



The mission of ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. is to develop the business of its business partners in the field of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wine, coffee, confectionery, snacks, and other products.

Our core competence is the ability to bring our business partners’ products to the most appropriate sales outlets as quickly as possible, as often as possible and at the lowest price.

We are specialists in the distribution and sales promotion of beverage in all sales channels, primarily the ONTRADE segment, retail chains, petrol station networks, and other retail operations.

Our reliable services are backed by more than 30 years of experience in meeting the needs of our satisfied business partners.

It matters to us what we distribute, so you will find only high-quality world brands of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wine, coffee, confectionery, snacks, and other products in our portfolio.

At ITALMARKET SLOVAKIA, a.s. we strive to make a significant contribution to improving quality and enhancing the consumer`s experience when enjoying these products.

Our long-term goal is to be the first choice when it comes to choosing a distribution partner for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, wine, coffee, confectionery, snacks, and other products.

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